Born from a passion ignited during a home-building trip to Mexico in 2007, For Blank aims to do something different...

Imagine a home built with only make-shift items.. 4 old garage doors and a tarp for a roof, pieces of plywood and old tires stacked to give the walls some stability, no insulation, no locks, no electricity or clean running water.

I found myself faced with a home like this on my first home-building trip to Mexico. And in just a few days myself and a small group of people were able to give a family in need a house that would change their lives.

Initially I was left feeling like what we built was not all that impressive, it was not at all what most people picture when they think of a house. However, I was quickly reminded of how significant this house was in comparison to what the family lived in before. They now have a solid cement foundation, a home built of sturdy wood, and insulation on the exterior. They can celebrate special days and create memories in this home, and they can spend money that would have been spent on repairs on food, clean water, and education for their children. This house can change the future for the people living inside.

Homes like these are being built by organizations and volunteers around the world, and the cost can be as little as a couple thousand dollars! I knew I had to find a way to get people involved even if they couldn't make a physical trip, and still be involved beyond a nameless donation to a family they will never know they helped.

By teaming up with organizations already involved in building projects world-wide, For Blank extends a way for people to purchase products that will help fund a home for a family in need, and still know the lives they have touched. The idea behind "For Blank" is to bridge the gap behind anonymous donations to anonymous recipients, and be able to fill that "blank" with names and faces. I hope you will join us in our efforts to drastically change the way we see the world-wide housing problem, and new ways to get involved!

With a happy heart,

Randall Nicole, Founder